Eastern Oregon Beer Festival is fast approaching!

That’s right! LGMSD is hosting the Inaugural Eastern Oregon Beer Festival (#EOBF). The event is happening this weekend at the Union County FairBeer-Festival-Logo-lowresgrounds on June 21st. We have attendees visiting Eastern Oregon from Washington, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and more! We are hoping for this to be the signature event for Eastern Oregon. For more information, check out our Facebook page: 2014 Eastern Oregon Beer Festival, or our website at www.eobeerfest.org

Drinking passes for this year are sold out. If you didn’t buy your pass, no worries! We have a beer garden open to the public at 8 PM. Live music will be playing all day from 1-10 PM, and admission is free, so even though you won’t be able to buy a drinking pass, you can still come and enjoy the atmosphere.

2nd Quarterly Marketing Class

Our Second Marketing Class is fast approaching. It will be held in the Upper Room at the Marketplace, this Wednesday, June 11th from 7-9 AM. Taught by EOU professor Shari Carpenter, the topic is “Marketing On A Shoestring.” LGMSD members are FREE. Non-members $10 entry. Breakfast is included. Please RSVP to director@lagrandemainstreet.org